Sunday, December 6, 2009

Woodland - Dreamality 2009

Artist: Woodland
Album: Dreamality
Year: 2009
Genre: Psychedelic/Prog/Folk/Stoner Metal
Country: Germany

Thy Disease - Anshur-Za - 2009

Artist: Thy Disease
Album: Anshur-Za
Year: 2009
Genre: Death/Black Metal
Country: Poland

Obsidieth - In Loss Of All - 2009

Artist: Obsidieth
Album: In Loss Of All
Year: 2009
Genre: Epic/Melodic Death/Folk Metal
Country: Australia

ReVolt - ReVolt - 2009

Artist: ReVolt
Album: ReVolt
Year: 2009
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Country: Pakistan

Never - Back To The Front 2009

Artist: Never
Album: Back To The Front
Year: 2009
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Country: Poland

Sammath - Triumph In Hatred - 2009

Artist: Sammath
Album: Triumph In Hatred
Year: 2009
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Netherlands

Abinchova - Hörensagen (EP) 2009

Artist: Abinchova
Album: Hörensagen (EP)
Year: 2009
Genre: Melodic Death/Folk Metal
Country: Switzerland

The Grotesquery - Tales Of The Coffin Born 2010

Artist: The Grotesquery
Album: Tales Of The Coffin Born (Promo)
Year: 2010
Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA/Sweden

Elis - Catharsis 2009

Artist: Elis
Album: Catharsis
Year: 2009
Genre: Gothic Metal
Country: Liechtenstein

Nevid - Amber Heart Of Arktida - 2009

Artist: Nevid
Album: Amber Heart Of Arktida
Year: 2009
Genre: Pagan/Death/Folk
Country: Russia
Download: Here