Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Dying Bride - Bring Me Victory ep

Artist: My Dying Bride
Album: Bring Me Victory
Genre: Doom
Country: UK
Download: Here

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Anonymous said...

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The present metal section is dedicated to My Dying Bride. We worked about 6 months to construct and polish it so we hope you'll find interesting things in our pages.

The special guest of the present metal section is Aaron Stainthorpe. The cluster of materials numbered 1-9 is dedicated to him:

Searing Myself. The Effects of an Encounter with My Dying Bride - by Bruckner Leon
The water symbolism in My Dying Bride music - by Theodora –Eva Stancel

3. Who is The Dark Lady of Aaron’s Sonnets? by Ormeny Francisc

Interview with Aaron Stainthorpe by Ormeny Francisc Norbert & Theodora-Eva Stâncel

THE FALL FOR HER was - THE FALL OF A CENTURY by Ormeny Francisc Norbert [Translated from Romanian by Theodora-Eva Stancel]

My Body a Funeral- The Divine Inter-section of the Sinister in the Sinister. by Ormeny Francisc Norbert [Translated from Romanian by Theodora-Eva Stancel]

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P.S. In our previous issues you can also find some english-written materials about Lake of Tears: ( The aesthetics of evil part II) (the second material after Intellectualizing black metal)